What’s Your Flow?


What do you enjoy rubbing up against?

And no, this is not (necessarily) a sexual inuendo. 🙂

I’m literally asking what is it that you absolutely LOVE doing that is just challenging enough to push you to the max of your abilities? Something that, once you are fully engaged with, takes you into a sort of time warp, and your chatter mind disappears. This experience demands your full attention, and in turn, the aliveness and intensity within it eliminates the space in your mind to dilly dally with self-consciousness. You are at your most heightened awareness, and it is profoundly energizing. It feels like MAGIC!

This is also what is referred to as Flow. It is a state of complete concentration with oneself, where we are at one with our passion, and it is the key to any creative process, and well, life itself. Whether you are painting, studying, climbing a mountain, raising a child, writing, fixing a car, washing dishes, if you are fully involved with what you are doing because it FEEDS you, you are in a state of Flow.

So, what’s YOUR Flow?
Do you know it intimately?
Do you long for it to happen more often?

Take a moment right now to recognize what gets you there. It can be more than one thing. Even if it only happens once in awhile, put your finger on it, and sit with the warmth and excitement you feel in your heart to be with that. It’s a great place to be isn’t it? Relish in it. Linger in it. Let it consume you and take hold of your life. May it be a blessing to all the world for you to be in that state of Flow as much as possible, for it will bring you into a way of being that is entirely contagious and worth living for.

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