Some Soul Advice

Ishka Lha


It’s true, you cannot “make” creativity happen, BUT, if you show up, and dedicate a certain amount of time to your practice as an artist, the Muse will see your commitment and grant you with beautiful works of art. Even if that means sitting in front of the canvas for 1.5 hours without painting and just tuning in with the piece and really feeling into what it wants to be. Sometimes that is all is needed. And then you go back the next day, and the clarity of vision from your visit the day before will pour through with some paint. The point is, we, as artists, need to “show UP” for true inspiration to come through. If you have another job, commit to 30 minutes a day to working on your art. See what happens. Promise to show up and focus your energy on just art for that 30 minutes, and I assure you that something good will come from it.

3 Responses to “Some Soul Advice”

  1. missy galore Says:

    ahhh Ishka!!! U r my hero!!!!

  2. missy galore Says:

    ahhh Ishka!!! U r my hero!!!!
    so wise and wonderful

  3. Diane Says:

    You are so wonderful. This is exactly how I feel about my art and could never put it into words. I aspire to be like you and look up to you oh so much! I hope to meet you someday.

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