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On a Day Like Today…

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Below is a post I made on FB around Winter Solstice. I just came across it today, and found it to be very pertinent to the mood of this afternoon, as some long awaited rain finally pitter pattered its way down onto our rooftop in Santa Cruz.

Let the creative fires run ablaze in the hearth of our hearts…

Solstice Greetings:

I hope you are all enjoying the arrival of winter, complete with the warmth of community and love shared indoors. Once again, my favorite time for rich reflection is here, and stepping into projects that are ready for some serious focus and depth. This season nourishes what has been at rest inside the eye of the lustrous swirl of summer, now reaching beneath the surface. What is dormant? What requires a moment of stillness to dig deep beneath the rustling, peering into our daily routines, turning the leaves and mulch? Persimmons are ripening in the dead of cold. There is never an instant where the sweetness and succulence of creation is left without rhapsody.

Between a long breath and last night’s dream,
The wisdom of another kind is gleamed:
The kind that only winter brings.