.: Painting Release pARTy :.

Ok, yes, it’s true. I posted this image all over FB and Instagram, but FORGOT to post it on my own website.

Posting it here now for event posterity.

And because this was such a delightFULL evening.

The unveiling of “Once I Meta Swan” was such a pivotal moment, and I feel deep wells of gratitude for all who came out for this new release ceremony. I feel like we really touched on some new ground, in terms of how we can actually enter into another realm through the portal of a painting. Ritual is such a powerful tool we can use at any given moment to bring forth a new state of mind, a new dimension; and I’m excited to be creating this adventure for groups to experience, through the use of medicinal art. I learned a lot from this debut event, and I already have many more ideas brewing for the next one. There will be more to come, so be on the look out for that!

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