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I invite You:

Gaze into this world, and drink in the warmth and clarity of love in our now remembered existence.
Allow a smile inside your heart to permeate your entire body
as you embrace the Holy Union of the God and Goddess within…

The Queen of Silver Moon and the King of Golden Stars
are Here Now,
as smiling mirrors,
reflecting each other's brilliant qualities.

We are the eternal blossoming.
We are the eternal harvest.
We are infinite perfecting beauty.
We are the star keys that fall like glitter from the sky onto our golden crowns.

Together, we rejoice in the Kingdom of Heaven!

We are opening doorways, and standing in the archway of victory.
We walk with faith, patience, and kindness as our guides,
knowing that nothing else matters.

We are rainbow prismatic!

We are the unfolding invitation to love and be loved unconditionally.
We are playful supplicants in the temple of our hearts.
We are the Sacred Union of all that is.

And so it is.

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