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The Hand of Fatima (also known as the Khamsa or Hamsa) symbolizes Divine Protection. It serves as an amulet all over the world to ward off the Evil Eye. Like a hand held up to silence someone whose words are poisoned with ill will, or a hand raised towards the heavens in complete gratitude for and reverence for life, the Hand of Fatima brings Joy and Freedom to All. The five fingers of the Khamsa represent the Five Pillars of Islam: Faith, Charity, Prayer, Pilgrimage, and Fasting. In the Hebrew tradition, its numerological merit lies in the fifth letter of the alphabet ("Heh") which is one of God's Holy Names. Oftentimes, an eye is placed in the palm of the Khamsa to signify its hold on the "Evil Eye;" that is to say, its got a hand-le on things.

The significance of a talisman or amulet in many traditions has often been described as something to safeguard one from harm. While this is true, I believe it is important to see the Khamsa (and other such Tools) as an agent of good will. Rather than using it explicitly to protect oneself from negativity, one can focus on using it to call in what is desired for the highest good. It's important to know what we want in life as much as it is to know what we do not want; and the more we focus our attention on what truly Serves, the easier the energy and form of positivity can manifest for all.

In Ishka's The Eye of Fatima, the Star of David is inscribed within the Hand. In the Jewish tradition, the Star (or Shield) of David is an emblem of great protection. But furthermore, the star itself is a hexagram: a two-dimensional representation of the Merkabah. Merkabah literally means Chariot in the Hebrew language. It is the perfect union of polarities, of earth and sky, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The Merkabah is the vehicle of complete harmony and cooperation of opposites. The face in this drawing personifies the Divine Feminine which is coming back into power, back into balance with her masculine counterpart. Her Eye is steady and intent. She Sees through all the layers of human nature, and pierces the Heart with her gaze. She is the unfoldment of time and space, the expansion of all that is, the current of everlasting Life.

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